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Neopet's Outreach

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Well, hi. Dec. 4th, 2004 @ 10:54 am
Stripes: Hello all! I'm stripes9087691 the female fire kougra, but you can call me Stripes. I share this journal with my family, consisting of eight other pets, and five petpets. They are Allynocko (Nocko, blue male ruki), Tinlasa_Kaliso (Tinlasa, female blue lupe), Ransaniva (Niva, female blue acara), Lacarushu (Lac, male blue gelert), Maria_Alicata (Maria, red female bori), Brieallanifa (Brie, yellow female kacheek), Joshonal (Josh, male yellow zafara), and Julrina (Rina, red female yurble) We are all owned by Craven, though the accounts are cool_pokemon_fanatic, and coolcoolkittykat. The petpets are Aranea (my female yullie) Saro(Tinlasa's male cobrall) Naomi (Niva's female floud) Marano (Lac's male nuranna) and Crystal (Maria's female angelpuss). Annyway, we all live in one crowded house, since Craven can't afford two, but we live happily. Okay, i'm done!
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Random player piano music I can here.

Hello all Nov. 22nd, 2004 @ 05:28 pm
Well, I just joined the community. Anyway, My name is Ravanie and I'm a 19-Year-old Anthropomorphic Fire Aisha. I also live in Neopia central with my roommates, some of them have LJs of their own. So yeah, I just wanted to post to let the rest of you know I joined.

Goodbye for now.
Current Mood: hungryhungry

arr, how many of you sea rats want to venture off with me? Nov. 2nd, 2004 @ 09:02 am
After a good game of bilge dice, I won me a good ship, an' I just need a crew before I set off. Any of you scallywags want a taste o' the sea, we be leavin krawk island at 11 o'clock.

(out of character explanation: well i'm starting to get pretty darn close to the pirate paint brush, and I have an idea of how he comes across his new outfit and a little something else to go along with his new look [which will be explained once i get there]... and it requires him to go off and sail around. Now this isn't quite an RP. I just basically want some other pets to mention and talk about in his daily log about this particular adventure. Your pet can also write about his or her adventures with evade in their livejournal or what have you. In fact I think it would be interesting if a few people did, but its not required. I have no idea if this makes sense to anyone... but in my head it does. lol so yeah... if it makes sense and you want to participate, just respond here... or i'll just make a bunch of names up i guess. :P)

Hello All Oct. 31st, 2004 @ 04:58 pm
First, I suppose, I should introduce myself. My name is Thymei. As far as I know I have, nor ever had, a last name, so just Mei or Thymei is fine. I'm a starry zafara, as if that wasn't obvious from that picture Zinny taped to this journal. Let's see, what else? I love to write and currently have one story in The Neopian Times, and another under way... I hope. I'm also a bit of a witch. I have three idols, Kauvara, Edna, and most importantly, Kayla. As you can probably guess from that assortment of characters, I specialize in potion making. Down below the neohome on Terror Mountain Tomeshi (he's such a nice kougra) is building me a laboratory. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I also have a pet rock. His name is Oaky and he's terribly boring. I can not imagine why Zinny would spend nearly 30,000 neopoints on a plain, gray, boulder. Perhaps in time it will reveal itself as something more interesting, but for now it just sits on my bed all day, staring at me (I'm assuming it can see, but I may be wrong). Secondly, I should probably mention to anyone who thinks I may be interesting, that they are completely wrong. There is nothing special about me, and therefore, should stay ignored as I have been since I moved in with Zinny. Being normal bites, but there is nothing I can do about it.
Current Mood: blankblank

Oct. 26th, 2004 @ 07:22 pm
Hi, I've just joined this group. n.n You're so lucky to have wonderfull me around.

Anyways, so to introduse myself: my name is Lily1Hearts, pleese call me Lily for short. I'm a beutiful, perfekt, smert ixi who despratly wants to be faerie. Howevr, I don't want to be zaped with my owner Kiara's lab ray - i woud be fritened! So, if you want to add me to your freinds, that woud be fine and Ill ad you back. Also, if you want to com over sumtime and hang out, that woud be good to! Just coment or neomail kiaraica. Thanx, by!
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Other entries
» Hewwo!
Hello everybody! My name is Taelaine! You could call me Tae for short! I have a bunch of petpet spyders in my neohome room and they're called Sally, Patty, Sammy, Sam, Bob, Billy, Tom, Pat-a-cake, Poofy, Fluffy(though he isn't really fluffy), and Henry.

Yep. Have a great day! I'm soooo happy to meet lotsa new people!
» (No Subject)
Hmmm...what IS this place? I suppose it's a place where all neopets come together? Well good morning or afternoon or good night, everyone, how do you do?

My name is Myaaki and I have a good-for-nothing-pet-pet named Kookery. He breaks apart all the time and is always whining for me to patch him up (he's a cookie, you see, and I always have to stick him in the oven over and over again).

So hello everyone. Joy told me to tell you guys that if you'd like to RP with me, my twin, or my sister Taelaine, just neomail/pm/email her. Erm, you can RP with the other three pets, Lainiea, Lils, and Tricksta too if you want---but they don't have journals. *nods*

I think I filled up enough space already so...yep. *dashes off*
» (No Subject)
Erm...hello, my name is Myaaka. I own a little shop called 'The Hakoniwa' over here. It's located on 12372 Peaky Stone, Meridell, just a little space away from my home. I hope no one minds me advertising...the place just recently opened.

Note from Joy: Myaaka would LOVE to RP with people right now but she's currently out of action (more info in her LJ).
» out of character...
Yes, I'm already making an out of character post... but I need advice. I find that little Lindele here has quite outgrown being a baby (i mean, how many babies look after all the fosters?), though I'd still like him to have innocent like baby qualities, so I intend to turn him into a plushie lupe. (shhhh... :P) And I kind of want to go through a whole growing up phase with him. So... whats the advice I need? Well, Its going to take a looooong time to get him to plushie, so I'm not quite sure how to milk his "growing up" phase that long. I've got a few ideas about going off on his own for a bit and sort of "learning from the streets" thing, since I don't have the np to spend on any more books (besides, being an ultimate genius is enough for now I would think. :P) Plus I'm finding the whole "looks can be deceiving" thing about him being a smart baby. So yes, this is a massively long post about a simple question, but hopefully someone has a suggestion for me and my little lupe.
» (No Subject)
Hi! I'm Sorii! *waves merrily* I'm a baby lupe. Soriio's my full name. ^_^ My owner is Sock. And I share this LJ with my sister, Kre. (Just cos Sock's too lazy to help us log in and out all the time! *giggles*)

HIIIIIIIII! I'm Kre. Yes, Kre, that's my full name. Umm. What else should I say? I...uh...have wings and chocolate...um, yes. ^^ Hiii!

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