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Neopet's Outreach

Personalizing Pixels Everywhere

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This is a community for the virtual entities called Neopets.

Sure they come in pretty colors, sure some see them as status symbols or something to be ignored while other activities are being done, but we see them as more than just the pixels represented on our screens. This community acts as a haven for those Neopets who keep journals to post, to communicate, and to meet others. Through the interaction with others, personalities develop, characteristics become stronger and relationships can blossom.

Please keep your posts in character as though the pet itself were writting the entries. Exceptions to this would be an "ooc" (out of character) post in which you asked for guidance or ideas (etc) about your individual character. Also, I have disabled non-member comments in order to preserve the level of respect for the creativity involved as we would like. Please treat the pets posting here with the same respect you would any other person/animal. As with people, personalities are bound to clash and while your pet may have a temper, please keep the language clean.

This community was designed to encourage the active use of livejournal for keeping track of not only your pet's seemingly mundane activities but the progression of their personal stories and personalities. Feel free to use a thread to brainstorm and ask for tips/ideas/advice from other members' pets/owners in your own "quest for development."

Above all, have fun and lets meet your pets!