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Well, hi. - Neopet's Outreach

About Well, hi.

Previous Entry Well, hi. Dec. 4th, 2004 @ 10:54 am Next Entry
Stripes: Hello all! I'm stripes9087691 the female fire kougra, but you can call me Stripes. I share this journal with my family, consisting of eight other pets, and five petpets. They are Allynocko (Nocko, blue male ruki), Tinlasa_Kaliso (Tinlasa, female blue lupe), Ransaniva (Niva, female blue acara), Lacarushu (Lac, male blue gelert), Maria_Alicata (Maria, red female bori), Brieallanifa (Brie, yellow female kacheek), Joshonal (Josh, male yellow zafara), and Julrina (Rina, red female yurble) We are all owned by Craven, though the accounts are cool_pokemon_fanatic, and coolcoolkittykat. The petpets are Aranea (my female yullie) Saro(Tinlasa's male cobrall) Naomi (Niva's female floud) Marano (Lac's male nuranna) and Crystal (Maria's female angelpuss). Annyway, we all live in one crowded house, since Craven can't afford two, but we live happily. Okay, i'm done!
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Random player piano music I can here.
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